Gis-Oceano project aims  to develop and adapt the ROMS model (Regional Ocean Model System) to the Galician coast and make it operational. Results will be implemented by an architecture of data processing. Value-added products will be generated from the output files, following an adequate organization, management and dissemination of them.  Gis-Oceano  will comply with the guidelines of the European INSPIRE directive and also with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards.

The main objectives of the project can be summarized as follows:

  • Adapt the ROMS model to the Galician coast, unifying LBS and MeteoGalicia efforts for this purpose.
  • Create a framework in which ROMS model results at regional level are available to the user community quickly and effectively.
  • Ensure the  quality  of the results and the daily operational model.
  • Develop a data processing architecture that allows to obtain value-added products from the ROMS output files. This objective includes the creation of   multiscale and  multiresolution  graphic products. Representation will be made by WMS, WFS and WCS services through a geographic information system to comply with OGC standards. This includes the implementation of a WPS service that allows users to request remote executions.
  • Evolve the reference model by adding a more efficient coupling with other models.
  • Enhancing the hybrid parallelization of ROMS ( MPI + OpenMP ) in order to improve the model performance and to be used as a testbed for future developments.
  • Get access to in-situ data sources and remote sensing from international projects and satellite missions.